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January 29, 2013


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Armiche Hdez. Bautista

Hello, my name Armiche, I have 27 years and I am Spanish. At age 8, I became interested in the space race by a former encyclopedia I had my grandmother and since then I've learned a lot from those wonderful years of onset. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge, collected books of both the issue and the astronauts themselves have written ,thousands photographs, in short, all kinds of material with respect to the conquest of the Moon. But if there is something so essential to come to understand and comprehend the greatest feat by man in its history, is definitely the video recordings of each flight. And that is why I am grateful to SpacecraftFilms, by the titanic effort and the wonderful result of their work, and thanks to the momentum we now enjoy and enjoy a complete visual encyclopedia. In each set and every DVD I've been especially excited with the valuable material. It has helped me to demonstrate even still today and sadly, people who believed in the course mounting. Therefore, from Spain, I offer my sincere congratulations for the incredible work, for offering such a valuable reward and for making us feel special for your effort. Kind regards, Mark.

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