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February 27, 2013


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Jason, UK

I certainly hope Skylab & ASTP are on DVD or BluRay as part of the experience of your sets is watching them on the big screen. Whilst streaming to tablets is increasingly popular too, it's not the primary format I'd want to watch your sets on. It would be a simple case of not purchasing if it at all if it was not available on a hard format even if that was for a limited period or only for those who committed to pre-order.

I look forward to receiving all 3 of the pre-order titles (Cape, Shuttle, 11 to the Moon).


I concur with Jason.

As the nature of media evolves, streaming, or downloading is now becoming a realistic (and dare I say inevitable) option, and it would be daft for Spacecraft Films to ignore it.

However, there is, and probably always will be, a sizable section of people to whom a hard copy will always be preferable.

So future products available on all platforms would be preferable, so at least we would have the choice.

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